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Incredible Edible Cloughmills

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Ingenious edible Ideas from over the water

Earlier in the year Pam went to speak in Northern Ireland, they were already on the ball over there and immediately grasped the Incredible idea you can read about it here
This was followed by a visit to by some lovely folk from Cloughmills, who managed to dodge the volcanic ash touch down for a look round.
Below is their new venture in their own words, they are just Incredible.

This “Doorstep Allotment” has been provided by the Incredible Edible Cloughmills campaign, supported by the Community Action Team. Incredible Edible Cloughmills wants to encourage you to:

• Grow/produce more of your own food. This box is a start, proving you can grow food even in a small space. We hope you will enjoy the produce for many weeks by taking leaves off and coming back for more.

• Support local shops and food producers. They provide employment, putting money into our local economy.

• Reduce food waste by ‘shopping and cooking smarter’. You can check out for more information.

Every family in the community throws away food to the value of on average £420 per year. That means we waste up to £231,000 each year. This would help provide fruit and vegetable kits as well as training for 6,243 families in Africa!
We all need food and we can change the way we buy and consume food.

If you would like to help us grow food in our community, please contact any committee member.

We are grateful to the young people of Cloughmills who helped prepare these boxes.

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They also have a community allotment, it’s looking really good loads of veg already growing well, those raised beds look familiar

and they are working with local schools and young people on square foot gardens throughout the village.
Square foot gardening was invented in America and is perfect for those with small spaces. It’s a method of growing as much fruit and vegetables in a limited space as you can. It reduces the need to weed and because you use smaller squares, crop rotation becomes easier. It is generally based on squares 4ft x 4ft [120 cm x 120 cm] or multiples of this. Something to think of here maybe?

More power to your trowels guys
To read the IEC brochure click here

Want to help?

There are loads of ways you can help us in our work. For more information click here. Or email Estelle.