Incredible Edible dining at St Mary's Church

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“Can you do the 20th Anniversary Dinner for St Mary’s on September 8th?” This was the request back in July….and after returning from my ‘Summer Expedition, Michaela and I set to planning the event…

The task was normal enough…after all, the Incredible Edible team was used to big numbers, having cooked hundreds of meals during the worst of the floods back in June, but the requirement this time was to use as much local food as possible…to produce a ‘carvery’ dinner for 80 guests celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the renovations at St Mary’s church…

And what a splendid success it was…
St Mary's local food dinner 9
Michaela did wonders with a beautiful pork shoulder from Porcus, a lovely sirloin roast from Bracewells’ own beef herd, as well as their delicious home-raised lamb (both raised in Cliviger) which she roasted in the ovens at ‘The Cotton Mill, Water Street (many thanks to Jo and Kerry for loaning their oven!) and cooked with delicious herbs from the apothecary garden.
St Mary's local food dinner 10
Meanwhile back at St Mary’s, Jo and myself set to, scrubbing and peeling vegetables from Hazelwoods’ market stall, grating and chopping to produce an array of colourful salads, Michaela produced some fantastic tomato and basil salads, and we served lovely locally made farmers’ chutney with the beautiful roast Yorkshire ham from Ham Corner.
St Mary's local food dinner 5
St Mary's local food dinner 3
St Mary's local food dinner

Along with couscous containing cucumbers grown by Michaela’s students, and salad leaves and herbs from the Incredible Edible Growing site in Walsden, looking wonderful served up in the gypsy-carved wooden platters that we brought back from Romania with us.

St Mary's local food dinner 6

Jo’s daughter Ellie was a whizz with the carrot and beetroot grating, dressed with Michaela’s secret honey dressing, using local honey.
St Mary's local food dinner 8
Nik cried with the pain of grating home-grown horseradish to make the sauce for the succulent beef, while I made my grandmother’s secret recipe apple sauce to accompany the delicious pork.

Vegetarians were catered for, with Michaela’s tarte de fromage using Pextenement’s Pike’s delight cheddar and I made Margaretta Holmstedt’s famous Turkish salad from memory, using local carrots and garlic, mixed with crème fraiche, very zingy!
St Mary's local food dinner 4

Fortune was with us in the form of Saker bakery, who conveniently opened a bread shop in Todmorden on Friday and was unphased by our order for 80 bread rolls on their first day!
St Mary's local food dinner 7
Dessert was a fabulous fresh fruit salad, made with local fruit and served with cream or yoghurt (Thanks Jayne and Ellie!) and we had a great team of washer-uppers( Thanks Dave and Claudia) to ease the clearing up afterwards…

We had a lovely email this morning, from Derek Underwood;

Please pass on our thanks to your team for a superb meal last night. Many people said how much they enjoyed it and expressed surprise that so much was sourced locally.
The education of the folk of Todmorden goes on!

Thank you Derek!

It just goes to show how much wonderful produce is being produced in and around Todmorden and just how Incredibley Edible our town has become!

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