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Incredible Edible France comes to Todmorden.

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François Rouillay, Jean-Michel his son Lars came over from France for three days to learn all about IE Todmorden

The evening they arrived they dined with Jane Booth IET’s learning plate lead, they loved Jane’s house and enjoyed their time there.
I met them the following day in their room at Lindores B&B, and we walked into town,stopping to look at the police station, and college beds

The station butterfly garden bug hotels were looking good

then on to Mary’s, to chat about all things incredible. Francois posed with Mary by the once grot spot bus stop which is now beautiful and full of herbs

Jean-Michel had a photo taken with Mary too

After a a bite to eat and a long chat about how things started and what we are doing now, we went for a look at more food to share in town.
On route we stopped by Cipollas to meet Kelly and Verina who buy IEG Ltd herbs for their cafe. Here they are with Francois and Basil.

Walking along Pollination Street we went into the Market where Jean-Michel interviewd Tomorden butcher Paul Stansfield

We finished at the bear cafe where Francois and I met up with Pam, Melvin, Sally and top garden designer Diarmuid Gavin for coffee.

who was here to launch of the Morrisons incredible edible voucher scheme.

Francois told us that he is contacted by a new group wanting to be incredible edible every day in France. Todmorden is rapidly becoming well known all over Europe and we are seeing many more visitors as a result, all this good for the town’s economy, B&B’s, hotels restaurants and shops.
There is no language barrier to shared experience or shared food, warmth and kindness don’t always need words, so not totally understanding what each other was saying was not a problem.
Our French cousins also visited Incredible Edible growing Ltd at Walsden, some of IE’s community orchards and other growing sites. We are learning a lot from each other and have invited them to come over and join us for our harvest festival on September 30th so we can learn even more.
Everyone is welcome at Harvest Fest so why not come along and join us?

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