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Incredible Edible Kirkstal come for a tour

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A really great day with Paul Long and the IE Kirkstal crew, I went on the platform to meet them, the train closed its doors and was just about to pull away when we realised one of the group was still inside, a quick shout to the guard soon had them released and we were ready to go.
After checking out the car park beds and picking chives
young visitors checking out the station beds
We went straight down to the canal where the small people played hunt the guinea pig, which was quickly found and pointed out
can you find the guinea pig
Then it’s down the horse tunnel very quietly so as not to wake up the Gruffalo and play in the willow hive
playing in the play hive
we went on along the canal to the health centre where the apothecary garden was looking really good
IE Kirkstall in the apothecary garden
the weather was very kind to us and when we got to the police station everything was thriving
checking out police station salad
with plenty of salad to pick and loads more chives to be munched
chive munching
Then it was back past the college beds for a radish or two
radish tasting
before heading down to the Old Co-op coffee bar to meet Tanya for a quick chat and some shopping therapy.
Tanya and Paul talk about projects while other IEK members do some serious shopping
leaving the cafe we wnet on to Mary’s sharing garden
for a bit more picking and tasting
picking from Mary's garden.
All too soon it was time to say goodbye
a little flower among the herbs in Mary's garden
But the market beckoned our visitors, and I had another appointment, but they have been over several times and I know will come again, there is always a welcome for Incredible Edible Kirkstal here in Tod they are doing such amazing things we always learn so much from Paul when he comes over.

It was just a perfect day.

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