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Incredible Edible RD Congo, guest blog

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We love guest blogs, especially from people doing incredible things in far away places, here is one from the Democratic republic of Congo.

Hello my name is Iteso-Makila Charly I am in RD.congo Kinshasa,
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I am the founder of an NGO, “INCROYABLES COMESTIBLES RDcongo” “IC RDcongo in acronyms”.
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For the sole purpose of for the conservation of garbage or waste and to help the children and farmers
bringing on seeds in Kinshasa cabbage patch child
first in the city of Kinshasa, Lubumbashi central Congo,
healthy crops Incredible maize
Kwango province and then all over the country.
kinshasa Charly 15
To build these projects, We need support to help us to realise this beautiful dream.
lunch time play time
at the present, the children need to learn but its hard to find the school fees,
having fun Charly 17
For which we seek partners who can help support these children in the scholarship.
Addico 9 happy children

We work together to help the children grow
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you can contact us at
or phone +243824053953, 899100071

For more information about our project visit our facebook page

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