Incredible friends at the Niagara Escarpment

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Flavours of the Biosphere

Recipes to share from Canada

The Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve has released eight videos that demonstrate how to prepare delicious dishes with local ingredients since July 2011. More are coming. All of the videos on the Flavours of the Biosphere site take advantage of the local harvest. They feature seasonal vegetables and fruits and locally-produced meats, fish, poultry and cheeses.
Now that winter and early spring are here, the focus is on root vegetables – still available from storage – and hearty soups. The newest release is Golden Beet Borscht,

In the coming weeks, new recipes and videos will feature meats and cheeses that are locally available throughout the year. Fish and fresh fruit and veg episodes are ready to go as we roll into spring.

If every household in Canada’s province of Ontario (13.4 million people in 2011) spent $10 per week (£6.33) on a local purchase it would contribute $2.1 billion (£1,329,696,524) to the economy. I expect that formula would apply almost anywhere in the world!

Stay tuned and keep it local!

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