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Incredible Fruitful Summer

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Life a bowl of cherries???

Well maybe it could be if all the 500 plus Incredible Edible fruit trees that are now growing do as well as these at the health centre

and they tasted good too, don’t worry, I didn’t munch them all

If you prefer apples to keep the doctor away we have masses of them

But these need a little longer before they go in a pie

I’s good to see smiley people enjoying the food to share ,

Like these happy harvesters I met at the Ormerod.
They were great folk and we passed some time in the sun talking about growing, and caterpillars and snails, we didn’t get to sealing wax and string or cabbages and kings. But isn’t it is great the beds grow more than food. They grow a community where we can talk of many things to many people we may never otherwise meet.

If we can keep on growing community along with the veg, side by side, we can grow in understanding and kindness, tolerance and caring.
If we can harvest that then…..
Yes life really could be a bowl of cherries for us all.

And if the hard times come we will be there for each other because the boundaries have already been broken down by the simple act of sharing fruit and veg like these beautiful black peas

or these potatoes now harvested and enjoyed by several different people .

Hands across a veg patch can lead to hands across the ocean and maybe a kinder more sustainable world.

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