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Incredible Seeds of Hope

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Some of the plants that we eat require a little encouragement to grow to fruit and some are downright difficult. There are some edible and medicinal plants however, and mint is an example, which might sometimes even be classified as weeds, so little do they require nurturing and so voraciously do they spread. The Incredible Edible idea of growing edible plants in community gardens in the streets of our towns and villages is a member of the later species.

In only a few years since it all started here in Todmorden, the idea has spread to hundreds of towns and villages all across the world. There are Incredible Edible projects in Africa, Asia, North and South America, as well as here in Europe.
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People all around the globe are learning where their food comes from, how easy it is to grow and how much fun it is to get together and improve communities with gardens.

Bets are down as to who will be the first to bring the Incredible Edible idea to the as yet unreached continent of Antartica. My money’s on a Brit being the first to plant a “Food for Free” sign – perhaps in a pot of homegrown Watercress at the international research station near the South Pole. After all Britain, which during the industrial revolution more or less invented capitalism with its emphasis on private ownership and everyone-for-themselves ethos, has a lot to make up for.

Another idea which is an incredible seed of hope and well worth encouraging is that of the “Alternatiba” festival of climate alternatives.
Alternatiba Bayonne
The first Alternatiba festival took place in Bayonne in October of last year and like Incredible Edibles the idea is rapidly spreading around the world. The idea is to combine conferences, workshops and debates around the subject of climate change with local food, music and street theatre. Raising awareness of climate change and at the same time bringing together the experts and the public, all in an enjoyable festive day out.

I’m bringing the Alternatiba festival to Todmorden, we’re planning it for 3rd May 2015, who’s with us?

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