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Incredible Sunday at the Apothecary garden...

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Blustery winds and sporadic downpours didn’t put off folk working down at the Apothecary garden on Sunday, as we spent the afternoon getting the garden ready for the winter.

We were joined by two of our latest volunteers, Beth and Oz, who were splendid workers and wasted no time getting stuck into the jobs we were concentrating on. Oz was quickly commandeered by Nik, for donkey-poo shovelling duties, piling up the brown gold under the fruit trees and bushes to enrich the soil and give them warmth over the winter. He was marvellous and kept going for two hours in the cold and wet!

oz and donkey poo

The rest of us concentrated on the herbs; some that needed transplanting, lots that needed cutting back, some more invasive ones like the woodruff, that needed serious removal.

Theresa concentrated on digging up the rogue mint that had ensconced itself in the lemon balm bed, while Beth concentrated on sorting out the ever-growing patch of woodruff.

herby fettlers

People along the canal stopped and chatted while we worked, and it was amazing how fast the time whizzed by…soon the sky darkened, a reminder of how short the days were becoming, and we stood back and looked at all we had achieved in three hours…a few jobs left for our ‘third Sunday morning’ session on December 18th – weeding; tackling the mint in the seated planter, covering the bay plants with fleece to help them survive the winter…we thought we’d lost them last winter but somehow the lovely spring and summer had encouraged new growth –

doin it in the rain

We finished up by gathering plenty of herbs to take home, dry and package into ‘stuffing’ mixes, ready to give away at our ‘Christmas Dinner’ stall at the market on December 16th. Do call and visit our stall if you can!

If you are interested in being a part of the Apothecary team then contact Helena – or send your details directly to Sally.

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