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Incredible twin tours

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Blooming incredible Liverpool, ans already edible Burnley

On and awful cold, wet and windy Todmorden day, we had two simultaneous tours one group of hardy souls drove all the way over from Maghull Liverpool, and one from Incredible Edible Burnley, just up the road.
As I got to Mary’s to meet the group from Liverpool, Jenny was already outside showing Mary’s sharing garden to our visitors from Burnley.
Waving hello as I passed, I went on into the welcoming warmth of Mary’s kitchen.
to meet the lovely folk from Maghull in Bloom, Maghull Station Volunteers
and Lib-dem Maghull Councillor Andrew Blackburn

We sat around the table drinking tea and coffee and eating fab cake made by Doreen, while Mary explained why, how and what we do and answered questions from our visitors.
The Sun came out and lulled us into thinking we would have a dry tour, but by the time we had got onto the canal it was lashing down, persevering we took in the canal beds which are looking surprisingly good for the time of year.
Dodging the mud and puddles on our way we made it to the health centre and the apothecary garden, these were stout hearted folk but it was freezing cold and pouring down so after talking about the growing there and community involvement we decided to call it a day.
It is great an in bloom group so in tune with the incredible ethos and looking at growing veg as well as flowers. So with a promise of another tour in Summer when the weather is more friendly we parted.
A long drive back to there Liverpool home but hopefully with a lot to talk about on the journey and Maghull commuters may soon be picking herbs at the station.

And from Jenny….

Today we had 8 intrepid souls from Burnley, part of incredible edible Burnley, who came to visit Todmorden. The Tod weather managed to show us most of its range within an hour, we had sun, wind, rain and bitter cold. Of course at this time of year there is not much to see in our Town Centre Propaganda beds but they were able to see how fruit, vegetable and herb growing can be slotted into lots of little spaces.

We also discussed what sort of information signs are useful and ideas for engaging volunteers, it appears that in Burnley there is no shortage of space for growing but quite a shortage of willing growers.

After a short tour of the town centre they then took a taxi out to Walsden to visit the growing site there. This is a very important part of Incredible Edible and with prior notice visitors are usually welcome – there may be times when the people who work there are engaged with students or with a rush job and it is not possible to visit, a phone call to check is essential.

We look forward to welcoming our Burnley colleagues again later in the year, and indeed to visiting them and comparing notes.

Two tours in one day and it’s still only January

We do regular tours every first Sunday of the month, meet at 2pm at the Unitarian Church, Honey Hole, Todmorden you are welcome to come along and join us, but please let us know in advance so we have an idea of numbers.

If you wish to arrange a group visit for another day this can usually be arranged, if you wish to visit Walsden that will need to be booked in advance for the reasons Jenny gave above.

I just love showing off the town I love and the work we do warts and all, so do come see for yourself.

Want to help?

There are loads of ways you can help us in our work. For more information click here. Or email Estelle.