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Incredible Umbrellas from a hidden gem

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Lets face it we get an awful lot of rain in Tod

So what to do for all our visitors who come for a tour?
The answer was right here, Marshalls traditional outfitters on Burnley road opposite the market and Town Hall, a real gem of a shop that sells British Umbrellas, so we didn’t hesitate we ordered lots of brollies to keep our visitors dry.
So when we took the delegates from the NHS Forest conference being held at Todmorden Health Centre on a tour of some of the growing sites

we called in to see Judith at Marshalls and filled the shop with eager hands

Always smiling and ready to help Jude soon handed out umbrellas which we passed along until everyone had an incredible Fulton brolly

Properly equipped we set off to go back along the canal, stopping only to do Mary Poppins impersonations at library lock with our incredible new umrellas

So thank you Marshalls for excellent service, especially Judith for coping with a mass invasion and for keeping tradition on the high street.
Being a sustainable town isn’t only about growing food, its about supporting local small businesses like Marshals and helping the local economy.
It isn’t only about food on your plate, but also about helping small businesses keep going and provide jobs to enable folk to earn a wage to put food on the table

if you’ve never been in do go and take a look, its a little Aladdin’s cave of traditional clothing

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