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Incredible vegan fritters freshly cooked on Tod Market

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It was busy day for incredibles Hilary and Shirley last Wednesday cooking on Todmoden market.

they made wonderful vegan fritters from corn with added herbs and nastutium flowers from our town centre growing beds.

Hilary explains whats in the vegan fritters
they were delicious folk really liked them,
the taste test

this very young gentleman
baby loves vegan veggie fritters
had to come back for seconds.
one is never enough
Hilary Wilson says the recipe is very simple : just 3 parts sr flour to 1 part gram flour, a pinch of salt, half tsp of baking powder. We added kale and herbs taken from IET beds around the town. Add water til you get a fairly runny batter .. this will give you crisp fritters – bon appetit !

So there you have it, grab yourself some herbs and Kale from around town and have a go at making your own

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