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Incredible Vegetable Tourism

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Tales from a Tour Guide.

Think of being a tour guide, sailing tours of exotic Islands? The canals of Venice and endless sun? No a Pennine valley and the Rochdale canal in the rain, not quite Venice? But anything is possible in Tod.
Yesterday I met Julian Dobson and a group from Bradford Regeneration Academy, eleven council officers and an artist, here to see what IET all about. Would this be a plan that might work in Bradford, maybe even on part of the famous “Bradford Hole” when it becomes an urban garden.
We started our tour at the station raised bed with it’s new seasons plants.

These guys were sharp, asked questions about involvement, sense of place, health and safety.
What would they make of us, these people have desks, filing cabinets and organisation. We have cafe tables fresh air and earth, and of course veg, loads of it, veg and herbs everywhere, like these at the health centre,

there are masses of strawberries starting to fruit and the cherries are looking good, just need to flesh out a little and ripen.

From there we walked through town stopping off at the Ormerod bed.
I soon realised these guys got it, they understood.

Now I could relax we were talking the same language, we passed the college beds and went on to Ferney Lee Nursing Home to see more very lush looking veggies.

Nick was there and explained the new things that are happening, the Future jobs fund team, the tree grafting lessons and the new fruit trees planted.

It is staggering thinking just how much has been done. But it’s time to head back with a stop to look at more new beds and planting at the police station with it’s amazing maize.

Back through town to Mary’s sharing garden, the sign on the wall says it all.

The beds are bursting with goodies to to share.

Time to meet the lady herself at the bear for a chat and questions and answers.

But the story doesn’t stop there, Julian, who took most of these photos also writes Living with Rats an incite full and inspiring blog, he wrote about us here there is even a recorded interview with Mary to listen to..

This time we also got fee back from our visitors

Here are comments by members of the group about their visit.

‘Thought the concept is brilliant and think it could work in the Bradford district.’

‘Definitely given food for thought. Would be interested in taking part in a similar project.’

‘Generally an excellent lesson in community cohesion, ownership and psychology.’

‘I gained new ideas on how we could integrate all sorts of horticulture into housing regeneration and new build projects.’

‘It was an inspirational project to visit. It was a moving experience seeing how the community worked.’

‘I’m a local school governor and would like to take back some of the ideas to school. It would fit into Bradford’s ‘Every Child Matters’’

‘Impressed how quickly has taken off and the enthusiasm of people involved. Will take back some of the ideas to my own home life.’

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