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Incredible volunteers working New Year's day morning

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On December 28th I went for a walk around town to see how the gardens had survived.
Burnley Road herb garden was looking good after its submersion, the police station and community college all fine I started to fret just a little when I got the market and saw the state of the pavement.
flood damaged pavement
If it can do this to heavy paving slabs what chance the soil at the apothecary?
I walked along the canal but had to turn back as the towpath was collapsing into a sinkhole
sink hole in towpath
This meant going to the apothecary garden along the road and through
the health centre car park, that’s when I saw the first sign of a problem
apothecary paths end up in visitors car park after flood
this is gravel from our paths under cars in the visitors car park
several hundred yards from the garden.

I hurried on and at first glance all looked fine
apothecary garden looking good after floods
the witches bed looked good, nothing wrong so far
witches bed survived the flood
venturing a little further I got the first glimpse of the paths
some gravel survives while other paths are washed away
some of the side sections had no gravel left
gravel washed int car parks
it had been washed accross the doctors car park and through the
iron gates nearly up to the Halifax Road.
What to do its holiday time?
but of course that doesnt stop our incredible volunteers, on New Year’s day morning hung over or not they were out working away and still smiling into the bargain.
New Year's day work party
What an incredible start to 2016, I feel this will be a very special year

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