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Incredible Willow Weaving

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Sunday the 19th of January saw a group of regular Sunday volunteers gather at the Unitarian Church for a willow weaving workshop under the expert guidance of Green Willow Workers Claire Wells and Helen Blackwell.
We had a fantastic day; it was action from the start as Claire and Helen introduced us to the characteristics of willow via making a simple wreath.

We then all started on making pea or bean wigwams – well it had to be something vegetable related for IET! We had a brief break for one of Hilary’s delicious
Baked potato with groundnut stew
but uncharacteristically no-one wanted to linger over the food, we all just ate with gusto and hurried back to our creations.
Otto watches the work
And were we proud of the finished results?
Willow class at Todmorden Unitarian Well, the pictures tell the story, everyone made something beautiful,
Stephen tops his Willow tower with a heart
and useful. Feedback from participants was very positive and that from their families and friends when they were shown the finished wigwams even more so, it is always nice to impress your nearest and dearest!!
Most of us are now hooked on willow weaving and firmly resolved to make more so watch out for the results of our efforts around town. Helen and Claire were excellent and very knowledgeable tutors and we enjoyed working with them. They run regular workshops, mostly at Hebden Bridge. These tend to get booked up very quickly but we will try to ensure that news of them is sent to all on our muck’in list so people can sign up if they wish.

In February we will return to our regular Sunday work parties – see you all there!

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