Inspector Browning takes a tour

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Tod police are incredible,

I have had conversations with officers in other parts of the country hundreds of miles away who have travelled to take photos of Tod police station. Their reasoning being that if they copied our lads and lasses they could create the same of kind relationship with their communities as we share here.
So I was delighted last week to Take Inspector Dave Browning on a tour of the town centre planting and our new green route which was launched on Monday.

It was a very interesting three way exchange of ideas as we were also joined by Swiss journalist Tatjana Stocker, Dave was kind enough to do an interview for her, and as we went around town we discussed the various growing sites and our mutual love of Todmorden and it’s community.
Tatjana was very interested in a new initiative started by the inspector.
The scheme recycles anything useful seized in raids by donating it to good causes, so schools and community groups including IET get some really useful stuff like high quality compost and plant food, more about that here.
It was a very good day and we should like to thank Inspector Browning for taking time out to come on a tour and be interviewed for the Swiss equivalent of National geographic magazine, and also thank all our incredible Tod police for not only what they do but the caring way they do it.

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