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Insurance, licences

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You will need public liability insurance cover in order to get a growing licence from your local council. Generally speaking, a public liability insurance policy covers your organisation if someone is injured in some way by your organisation, or if you damage third party property when carrying out work.

Local authorities typically demand that hirers have £5 million of cover before they will hire out their facilities. Other insurers may well only offer £2 million without extra premium. There are a variety of firms that will offer top class cover; expect to pay £150 plus per year.

Our current insurer is CASE a firm part owned by a Charity and specialising in charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups. Their offer is a combined Public Liability and Employer Liability insurance – you only need the latter if you are employing staff – but we still find this package competitive for the Public Liability cover alone.

Other firms offer Public Liability cover – when seeking quotes be sure to ask whether they will cover your public events without you having to declare each one, count the attendees etc. Also check that your volunteers are all covered without having to list each one (who knows who will turn up next month?) and, if you cook for the public, that this is covered.

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