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International first Sunday tour

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When I decided a few years ago to do tours every first Sunday at 2pm for anyone who just turns up, I had no idea just how amazing some of these Sundays would be.
Some folk email and book, some aren’t sure if they can make it, so I say just turn up if you can, so I am never sure who I will meet. Today’s tour was amazing with visitors from Spain, the USA, France, Venezuela and the UK
Now everyone knows that most tours are done in our usual Tod rain but today the sun shone, what perfection. We went around the town centre growing beds, where at the college one of the group, Elizabeth now on her third visit to Tod dropped out to do some planting with the volunteers, the rest of us continued on our way stopping at the railway station to take this photo.
visitors from Spain, the USA, France and Venezuela
so from left to right we have, Spain, the US of A, France and Venezuela, I am truly lucky meeting incredible people from across the globe without leaving my incredible town.
Sometimes life is just really, really good

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