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Its edimental my dear Watson

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Friday we had the mayor, tea and cake to celebrate our work from library lock to Key Sike Lane.
The whole thing a joint effort between the Recovery team, private builders, Anna- special gardener,
canal and rivers trust and council, it’s a tricky thing getting everyone on the same page.
If you haven’t seen our beds along that stretch of towpath, get down there and smile.
When and if we get the bridge painted as promised by the council it will be the icing on the cake. Despite the rats, rain and rotten weather we pulled off some lovely stuff, nothing would happen without a team and the Kindness of strangers.

Watch Peter Thwaites films of the day

Here is Anna explaining the edimental

Walking down to Key Sike

Stuart Honor from Calderdale in Recovery, Jon Stop of the Canal and rivers trudt and Mayor of Todmorden Councillor Christine Potter talk about the new woek that has been done

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