Jam’in @ The Long Causeway, Come dine with us

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Well it was on of those Tomorden wet and windy afternoons, but there was no stopping those of us who are Incredible Edible.
The kettle was already boiling as we pulled up in the mini bus outside Long Cause Way Trading. After a quick cupper and introduction to Sharon, we were taken to the PROCESSING ROOM,
(I thought only Willi Wonker had one of these).
Alison, the other half of the Long Causeway already had here chef white on and sleeves rolled up, chopping apples for the chutney demo.

We all eagerly watched Alison work away whilest Sharon talked us though all the processes. The smell was amazing it was like Christmas all over again.
As the chutney simmered and our mouths watered,

Alison started the strawberry jam. Strawberry jam I hear you say at this time of year. Well yes, Sharon and Alison use all their own fruit which is picked in the summer and frozen for times like this.
We left Alison in charge of the simmering, while we all had a tour of the small holding and all the animals. There are lots of white rabbits at the Causeway, not forgetting pigs, sheep, and so on.
Oh not forgetting Jake the little dog, he is so cute.
Then as always my favourite part, the tasting. If you have never tried Long Causeway Strawberry jam, get yourself round to Tod Market on a Saturday and buy some. It is out of this world. Let me tell you there’s a jar in my cupboard.

Thanks for a fab time. We all left excited about making our own jam and chuntney, it was a great Todmorden afternoon out.

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