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January and we ain’t Blue

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It’s incredible we have got off to a cracking fizzin exciting new year.
We had a huge turnout for our first Sunday in the freezing cold, 40 adults and lots of little people. The sun shone proper good like it does for our gardening days, we picked up crap of all types and
collective pride in our environment. As we normally do on gardening days we ate together, that ancient, powerful, simple act. Trust me nothing is nicer than a huge table full of folk chatting and eating after a mornings graft.
On Monday we had our AGM, every three years one-third of the committee must stand down to create spaces for new folk. We welcome some great folk onboard, we had a really interesting discussion, we were reminded of the scope and spread of our actions. We were reminded that IET is so much more than vegetables.
Today we held our first scoping meeting for our 10th birthday celebrations oh golly gosh it’s so exciting. A big meeting in the front room, not enough chairs but plenty of coffee.
After ten years modelling kindness and trying to be collaborative, ten years of being brave and taking risks all paid off, this meeting proved what we all knew in our hearts….
There are more good people wanting to help than we can imagine.
Helen from Hebden Bridge arts, Steven Curry from the UCVR. Charles Campion from JTP in London, Nicholas Farrimond Filmmaker and good man. The amazing Alison Pilling- kindness personified, ad Nick who looks after the Piece Hall. We chucked the madness on the table, told the truth about what we had (nowt) and began the wonky process of making a beautiful thing happen. Slowly we worked it out, music, art, food, debate and learning along with lasers and sunrise.
I can’t tell you how much good was in the room, how much creativity and collaboration and
kindness. Get the dates in your diaries book a long weekend, 21 22 23 24 June come to the Incredible
festival of ideas, in the Incredible Calder valley. Look out for our activities. Festival website, and get involved.
It’s a community thing, not an exclusive thing, it’s about you and me, the planet and the future. Cooperation is the name of the game.
This valley will be bathed in sunshine, we have the famous Hebden Arts festival, the magnificent Handmade Parade, and speakers to tickle your brains and ears.
You can tour the community assets of the valley, get to the nitty-gritty of why our place is so
special. You can feel the kindness and taste the produce of the places we call home. Go on, get on the web and book a roof or tent.
The Incredible festival is the place to be.

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