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July and the world is still wobbly

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It feels like the trumped up world is making time go faster. Lettuces have come and gone, berries are bigger than cherries! Even the weather is wobbly.
The amount of soft fruit around town is incredible,
White currants opposite bus garage
only does it taste good, the very act of picking feels good, the juice staining hands, the feeling of harvesting jewels.
carton of mixed berries
It looks good too, it is something so lovely to see stiff backs bending under bushes or tiny hands grabbing bunches of red berries.
beds where you can sit and pick
We have some blackcurrants where you can sit and pick, a very nice luxury.

In the last few months, we have visitors from across the world,
visitors from Japan
Jubilee Community
folk just looking for some hope,
Melanie and Anthony from Boston USA
quite a few from the trumped up part of the world,
visitors from College Park Maryland and friends
worried about their futures under their twit of a president.

The researchers have finished their investigations, it took a long time for all the measuring and questions, equations and considering. It’s done, the results are fabulous, very soon we will share it with you.

IN September we are going to Berlin to the International urban farming conference, where we will give them the good news.
What’s it all about? Measuring the impact of our activities over the last 9 years, the impact on the economy, business, well-being, community. It’s all good stuff and will kick-start plenty of other research projects.
We have learnt lots of lessons about research ourselves, so the next time we collaborate with researchers we can be clearer in what we, the subjects want.

We are going arty in August, a big man will be woven by very little people on our gardening Sunday. We are keen to explore how we can add beauty to the town, if you have any ideas please get in touch.

Several of our volunteers have got jobs lately here’s a big bravo to you all, take a bow, it’s hard to get a job In a small town, in broken Britain, the gig economy and all the other hurdles.

It’s time for the harvest festival planning,
Harvest Fest 2016
17th September a Sunday make a sparkling mark on your calendar.

It’s July, it’s summer, it’s time to open your eyes to nature, soak it in, soak it up to keep our batteries charged for the dark times that come all too quickly.
Get outside and check out the ants, the caterpillars, the greenfly those tiny, tiny critters that are lunch for others. Wash out a yoghurt pot and pick some berries.

Can we somehow make time go slower for the summer?

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