Kidsfest fun, fab food and amazing Mayors

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Kidsfest worked its magic again, this is such a fabulous free event for all the children of Todmorden, we are always thrilled to help in anyway we can, and getting covered in glue glitter paint and more is well worth it.
this year was just as packed as ever, over 600 must have come through the doors and all those happy faces were pure joy to see.
kidfest well attended as usual
The in bloom ladies who also support Kidsfest every year
Tod in Bloom team make kidsfest crowns for all
made magical Christmas crowns worn proudly by one and all
have to get this just right
even our local police lady is sporting one
kidfest crowns made by Tod in Bloom team
it had to bit put aside for a few minutes while learning to cook mini panckes on a tin can
neighbourhood bobbies learn to cook on a tin can
Rob has the children cooking on candles and is another stalwart who comes every year without fail and is always a massive hit.
now to real cooking from incredible Lynne and our Mayoress Michaella
Lynne made her own special recipe vegan curry and cooked it in a wonderbag
wonder bag cooking our curry at Kidsfest
Yes that is our lunch cooking, and to prove it here is Michaela giving it a quick stir
Mayoress Michaela stirs the curry
And here on the right is Lynne, the chef who made it with our incredible Mayor Jane and her family
incredibel Mayor Jayne with family and Lynne who cooked the amazingcurry
there were so many wonderful groups making up the day if I wrote about them all it would take me a month.
So I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone, with a special thank you to Kirsten Fussing for organisung it all and letting us be part of the fun, and to her wardens for doing such an incredible job on the day.


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