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Kindness brings special rewards

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Louisa needham rubbish
Louisa receives her award
Louis had it in her to start a wee group for picking up litter and its grown like topsy.

Tony pie man
Tony receives his award
When we need anything he is our go to guy, generous and kind with pies or without, Mayor making feasts will never be the same without Tonys spread. He love recycling and has taught half the town to swim.

Keith- man made signs before he could talk
Keith gets an award
This man has run a local business for as long as we remember, he doesn’t mind if you don’t speak the lingo or know you inches from the centermtres. He has made all our signs and images of his work have brought tears to folks eyes (in a good way)

Heather gets an award
She has saved the finest, most loved shop front in town , she has spent months painting, cleaning and grafting in between all that she has let us, the community, use her building when ever we have had need to call on her kindness, we thank her and welcome the new business Yacumama

Mayor in The guise as a ordinary guy
Andy gets an award
This man has himself admitted he didn’t get what we were all about, now he does, and for that we respect you.

Jean the cheese -chair of the market traders association.
Jean gets an award
Jean and her cheese are what Tod is made of (and the moon)
A town with out a market is like Wallace with out Grommet

Natalie Site pizzeria
Award fo Natalie
When Christmas comes and folk need to be fed or watered she is the one. when we need muscle she is pretty handy ….

Beacon Bob
Bob gets an award
A man of the cloth, larging it up in Tod
A man of the book out doing stuff, pushing boundaries, making soups, holding vigils and joining with others, we salute you

Helen chairs the learning centre.
Helen gets an award
A tough wopping job, brickbats and bouquets, she holds it all together for the future of the town. She stepped up when the call went out. a lonely task but oh it will be so very worth it.

Paul- our parks manager.
Paul gets an award
Here is a man who want to help community, a man who communicates, a man who cares, he is a good egg, lets go all out to keep him in town.

Kirsten council officer
Kirsten gets an award
The enemy she is not, public servant, fixer of messes, she knows about lines and which way to step, she knows together we can do so much more.

John the pen Greenwood
John Greenwood gets an award
Without this man IET would never have rooted like it did, John has been fair and true for the last decade, his head is full of muscic and the history of our town, you must never grow old .

The beautiful bakers
Baked get an award
Baked are the new kids in town, full of hope and a bit of danger, they like the old and the new, no one will ever want for community food while they are in town.

The recovery center rep -Joan Rust
Recovery centre award
Tod Well is the home of remarkable services and people. Addiction is everyones business, the clients have helped us on many a project. Joan has shown us the way, shown us there should be no shame or stigma.

Finn from Together we grow..
Finn gets an award
A great little project helping refugees enjoy the good stuff in our valley , creating space for us to meet other communities
Jon Andre survivors and victims of torture.
Award for victims of torture  group
Jon and his comrades work round the clock to fund raise and support this amazing group.

Dragon, AKA Gigs papa
Dragon gets an award
The kindest guy, learning and loving everything about our country, volunteering and feeding any one he meets, you are the nicest dragon.

Bob the builder
Bob gets an award
BOB who does not like his good work to be mentioned ! The builder of the finest beds at the police station, fixer of walls a fetcher of things, people like you make everything easy.

Holly- hair dresser to the stars (of tod)
Holly gets a reward
Holly you cut a lot of hair and raised a lot of dosh, back breaking work but oh so needed.

Toker guitars
Toker gets an award
This lovely man has been robbed -more than once, but he never went bad, he stayed kind and good .

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