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Teaching delegation visit from Japan

On November 10th I was privileged to play a very small part in THS hosting a visit by an education study team from Gifu Prefctural Education centre Japan.
Tod High’s Head teacher Helen Plaice met the coach as it arrived and we lead by Deputy Head John Botterill greeted them with Konichiwa as they came into the school. Our one word of Japanese was well received as they replied konichiwa, smiled shook hands and bowed.
We all went to the conference room where John, Paul Murray, Tony Mulgrew and Freya Rider made sure all was as it should be.

It certainly was a full house in the conference room

Where Helen and Hidenori Mizuno (right) opened the proceedings

with the help of an interpreter Helen and Paul explained the schools aims and objectives, the plans for the future food hub and the students involvement.

The interpreter did a brilliant job and got quite animated at times explaining all.
You can see from photos in “pictures” that all was noted by the delegates who were very interested in everything.

After the talks dividing into two groups, we toured the school, the interpreter went with one group, and I went with the other. We were introduced to our tour guides twelve years old Jordan and Logan

With such great students I knew all would be good. They took us outside to see where the food hub would be. A great photo opportunity.

and with plenty of smiles and some relief at discovering some of the guys did actually have a few words of English we did well.
The children waved as we passed by windows, and we all waved back, it was a great warm feeling. The teachers were all wonderful when their classrooms were crowded with strangers.

The art gallery was getting ready for open evening, and there were some wonderful designs and art work made from recycled items.

Some pieces broke down any last remnants of reserve and language didficulties no longer mattered. The delegates were here to learn how Tod High was handling the subjects of environment and sustainability so art from recycled materials was perfect.
My favourite was a giant cup cake looking incredibly edible

All to soon the tour was over, and everyone got back to more serious issues for Q&A back in the board room

And all too soon it was time for our visitors to board their coach and leave

I am just so grateful to Helen and everyone at the high school for including me,
and a special thank you to Logan and Jordan for a great tour.
It was just INCREDIBLE.

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