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Last night at the Hippodrome in Todmorden

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Incredible! Last night at the Hippodrome in Todmorden I learned something incredible. Food is TWICE as expensive as it was last year, and apparently it’s just the tip of the “iceberg”. Are your food bills going up? Well that’s the bad news isn’t it. But last night was all about the good news. According to Prof. Tim Lang, Todmorden, of all places, has an answer! Free food! That’s right, a “help yourself” attitude from Incredible Edible Todmorden. And it’s so elegantly simple an answer; it’s been sitting right under our noses for the last three years. Grow, store and cook our own food right here in Todmorden, on community soil. Its called horticulture, it’s a business, gardening for us lay folk, and it was started by a grass roots movement of Incredible Edible Todmorden people who act as volunteers and learn as they go. Feel proud to be part of it. It’s people from our town. In the words of a very wise Todmorden volunteer named Nick, “If you eat, you’re in”. Why didn’t I think of that? I was struck immediately at the simple beauty of what these stars of Todmorden are saying. It’s not the soil that’s pushing our food prices up. It’s our lack of knowledge of what to do with it! It’s the fuel involved when we don’t use our soil that we are paying for; fuel to bring Todmorden folk, food grown in other people’s soil. Fuel for the cost of wrapping foreign food in those impossible to open “plastic caskets” we see on supermarket shelves. Fuel costs of having so many people, from so far away, passing the food from hand to hand, one to another, in order to get it to our dinner table, when all we had to do is grow it here ourselves. Silly isn’t it.
As I looked around Todmorden’s Hippodrome theatre, I was struck by the mastery of craftsmanship it took to build that old building, the jobs it created, the pride it stimulated in the community, all now times gone by. Todmorden is mastering a new craft, horticulture. Mastering this in our schools, our churches, our businesses and our developments will also be looked upon with envy in years to come. Sample some today at the Incredible Edible Harvest Festival at the Unitarian church! Bring the kids and fill your tummy. Pick some fruit, veggies and herbs while you walk along our green paths.

Like Nick says, “If you eat your in” see ya there!

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