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Living bee sculpture takes shape

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This weekend’s sunshine brought out the best in Todmorden in more ways than one.

Throughout my travels I have always tried to observe what makes a town a good town to live in. Charts and competitions award this town or that, but for me, it’s the people of the town. I was fortunate enough this weekend to witness Todmorden’s home-grown qualities; those that make Todmorden a good town to live in. Sunday at the market it was sunny and very busy, lots of people enjoying the sunshine and relaxing, as we all should. Some people however, were doing a little bit more. I took some pictures to show you what I mean. Local artist Weston Hammond here with partner Alison has been commissioned to make some bee art for the Bee/Green route but does Weston work alone? No the whole family come out and pitch in their labour too, even the dog.

Dad, mum, sister, and brother; all working to beautify a canal side spot across from Fielden wharf, here in Todmorden.
This interactive sculpture uses living willow seen getting a last drink

before being woven into the waggle dance skep hive

Soon the willow will grow thick and beautiful and be woven in as it grows to creat a willow hive supported by the strong wooden frame.
I can jus see the little people beeing bees diving into the entrance tunnel and waggle dancing their way out of the other side of hive

The sun was glorious, but these folks were beaded with sweat from the project they committed to. They were working like crazy to finish on time, smiling, and nodding but never interrupted in spite of my banter.

We may have commissioned one person to create something wonderful but
these are generous people, so the whole family put in their time and effort to make it happen.
Our town has people who actively nurture their community with loving hard work. We all get the benefit; town people are making the difference here. That’s what makes a town good to live in, if you ask me.
joe trochan

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