Love live and Allotments

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Third Sunday with a difference

If you buzzed into the Unitarian Church Sunday you could have been forgiven for thinking the bees had arrived early.

Micron Theatre were performing a new play about allotments and all things edible, including a fully kitted bee keeper with bees buzzing in the background.

The play follows the story of Thistledale Allotmenteers and their fight with the local council, told using old music hall tunes and new songs. The writer and the company understood the attachment, emotional and spiritual that growers have with the soil.

above, review by Penny

The play was well received by the audience of well over 100 people
as were the scones with jam, cream and fresh strawberries,

not to mention cupcakes,

beetroot and guiness was a big hit.

An afternoon of music, love, life and cake, perfect.

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