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Marianne's garden

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Marianne is sharing her garden this year with a newly-fledged blackbird – and now with us.

Marianne's garden (01)

The fruit has been ripening as fast as Marianne can pick it – 15lb of blackcurrants,10lb raspberries, and the same of redcurrants over the weekend before last. Time to offer her help if her freezer feels overstocked!

Marianne's garden (02)

The rabbit has heard that Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall isn’t about to pass through so it’s safe to share the vegetable garden – with tomatoes, courgettes, peas, beans, and salad leaves.

Marianne's garden (03)

The more exotic produce in the greenhouse is belatedly coming on. The lemon was slow to get started this year, Marianne tells us, it didn’t like the severe winter. But there’s ample blossom which has the most delightful perfume and dozens of small fruits, plus eight large lemons.

Marianne's garden (04)

And so what if the grape vine is out of control?!

Marianne's garden (05)

Unfortunately the hard frost over the winter killed the canopy on the olive trees but they have started to sprout again after being pollarded. Meanwhile the figs are swelling…

Marianne's garden (06)

Thanks, Marianne, what lovely and luscious fruits.

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