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Marina to Mill and all Points Incredible.. a small tour

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My incredible walk to Grumpy’s

Today I walked to the studio the long way round, I went up Baltimore steps,

which had recently been cleaned, they were looking good an there is a likely place for growing watercress on the left, which may be worth investigation.
The steps lead onto the street where Mary lives so I passed her sharing garden, all ready for the new season.

it is such a warm sunny spring day that the cloches on the planting atop the wall are open.

after a bit of shopping I pass the Ormerod building, Nick’s first guerilla bed.

now ready for topping up with new compost and replanting, and the wall with some rhubarb plants, and space for a new crop of peas, beans and other goodies

A few hundred feet further and there are the new college beds just awaiting compost before planting

I cross the road here where the new beds for the front of the police station are neatly stacked, like self assembly kits at Ikea.

Once this

has been surfaced like this

the beds will be assembled and planted with fruit and veg.
A little further and there is the herb garden, my last stop before the mill and a nice cup of coffee

The fruit trees are just budding and sprouting. The pruning lessons have paid off, look at the new shoots just behind the cut.

And what pray is this ? Pear, Triffid, or hairy spider ?

Whatever they are budding out all over, time to turn the corner and go inside.
Just in case?

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