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Mary and the Bumble Bees cause a buzz at Pollination Street

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It would be tempting to launch into a litany of bee puns as Mary took to Pollination Street with a swarm (ok just one) of tots from Tod’s Children’s Centre.

Mary and the young bumble boys listen to story
But actually there was joyful silence, apart from Mary regaling the little mites with her naughty bee story. Their faces (strangely all boys, must be drones!) were rapt and hanging on her every word. So very similar to a TEDx then!!

The trip was part of the sessions between Incredible Edible and the Centre’s nursery to get the children back to nature. It is also a ploy to get their own bed outside the centre up to muster.

Mary and boys listen to story enrapted
The first session was outside the cop shop, and this second to the Pollination Street was to get an insight into the importance of bees. But there is only so much sitting still a four-year-old can take, and after giggling their way through the tale of the bee and some roguish knickers, they were set free.

Dressed in bee costumes, a legacy of the Pollination Parade, they wiggled and waggled to their hearts delight. Mary showed them the bounty of beautiful edibles which are blooming in the now stunning meadow – hardly recognisable from its former self.

The sun beat down as the youngster enjoyed picking things to eat and picking & eating things they shouldn’t.

Mary shows the boys the bees in action
What came to light is the majority of nursery teachers at the centre – an absolutely wonderful bunch – are not from Tod. So this introduction to such a near patch of educational edibles was a winner for big and small alike.

After getting ridiculously sticky sampling the delights of honey it was time to say farewell to Mary and head back. The plan had been to do some more welly planting, but we had simply run out of time.

This in fact turned out well as after returning the incredibles of the future back to nursery, I snuck out to turn my attentions to the children’s patch. I magicked away some dead-looking welly efforts and replaced with more hardy specimens – they’ll never know.

Now the plot is painted its looking quite jolly. In fact from letting the row down, I think we are laying down the gauntlet. Come on the rest of you! (Don’t lynch me that was a joke ;) )

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