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May bank holiday tours Germany, Blackburn and Australia

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The May bank holiday weekend began on Friday with a tour for visitors from Germany and Blackburn,
we met in the Golden Lion and then set off on a tour of the town centre growing, the herb boxes at the market are looking impressive with plenty of parsley for the butchers sausages
herbs ready to pick in Market Hall planters
walking to the police station we came across Helena with some of the Incredible farm team outside Saker my favourite baker, they had tasters of farm salad and Saker bread.
Incredible Farm and Saker the baker tasting session
They also had the farm costermonger barrow
Incredible farm cart
it’s always nice to stumble upon friends while doing a tour, then it was on to the police station where our visitors admired the early salad leaves
visitors admire the early salad leaves
Before heading off for some shopping in town.

Saturday I met Hank who came over from Australia it stayed dry which was nice we even had some sun.
The town was crowded and buzzing with energy there are always so many things going on in our incredible town. we walked down the canal to the health centre where we came across a lovely couple quietly weeding
the lavender bed
weeding the lavender beds
if anyone wants to have a gentle weed as they walk around town please feel free to do so.
When we got to pollination street Hank was busy snapping away, the green was crowded and every picnic bench was full
Hank from Australia capturing Pollination street on camera
we really do need to keep this green space in the centre of town
its used by so many Tod folk.
when we got to the police station the salad leaves and chives were looking even better than yesterday if that’s possible
salad leaves and chives at the police station
all too soon the tour was over and I had to say goodbye to our last visitor of the weekend.

Tomorrow if its dry I am getting out in my own garden to thin the pears, tie up the beans and sweet peas and try to control the raspberries which I think are going for world domination.

Bank Holiday Monday its incredible meetings all day full committee meeting in the morning and an f&gp meeting in the afternoon.
Tuesday I am zenning out with a yoga day, that should be me all set for my next tour on Wednesday
with Paul Long and the wonderful folk from IE Kirkstall
Paul Long from IE Kirkstall on a tour of Tod
I’m really looking forward to catching up with them again.

A great couple of days and more good days to come

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