Meat free Monday

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It was with a great sense of anticipation I turned up at Hilary’s house last Monday for the first of the new series of adult courses. Of course I knew already that the food would be fab as I’d eaten Hilary’s cooking lots of times.
After a welcome chat and some info about vegan food, its provenance and availability, we got down to business.

Scrubbed and pinnied up Hilary showed us how to assemble a selection of delicious pastry parcels – from spicy chorizo substitute to vegan sausage plait.

Great for nibbling as we cooked away the afternoon.

Hilary had thoughtfully provided printed recipes and we each chose our main meal.

Mine was a ‘bolognese’ sauce – ideal for spaghetti.

Others cooked a sausage and bean dish

and Hal amazed us all with a terrific stir fry and noodles.

A great afternoon indeed – not only did we get to learn how to cook amazingly quick and easy dishes but also all about the nutrition and, not least, how cheap it can be without meat!

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