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Michael Honkys photographs Tod

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Michael is touring the country researching edible communities.

He has been up at dawn taking wonderful pictures of Todmorden, after having toured the town taking photographs of community growing. here he is taking the portrait of Mary’s neighbours visiting the garden,

This is the chef having a look at what the photographer saw.

Michael an art-documentary photographer, wife Laura a teacher and natural nutritionist, with ten years old daughter Arisha came to Tod on their search for inspiration. Michael told us,
“In the past few months I have worked on a project in Elephant and Castle, London, the place where the biggest regeneration scheme in Europe is currently under the way. I have worked with various local communities, including a small permaculture farm, bee keepers, allotments and park activists. The power of community in this , on the first sight neglected piece of urban land, was incredible as is your success with Incredible Edible.”

This work of Michael’s is very positive we are proud to be part of it.

To see more Michaels work visit his website

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