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More Community College beds replaced

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On Friday and today more work was done replacing the old shallow beds at the college with new deeper ones.
more new beds take shape
while some volunteers built beds other fetched bags of fill
Ian even shed blood
to mix with compost to help with water retention
just some of the bags of infill that Ian fetched
which left incredible Ginny and Ian looking like mudlarks
Ginny and Ian end up like mudlarks
here are some of the men at work making the beds

with the beds for one side of the college built
four new beds ready for painting and trellis
its time to start taking down the beds on the other side
the last of the old beds start to go
many hands make light work, moving sacks
lots of bags of fill ready to mix with compost
and bulding beds
more new beds are filled
soon all starts to take shape
all takes shape
A couple more days should see all the beds built. We’re leaving these beds unpainted because aging wood looks good and painting them sets us up with the need to repaint them every year or two. Low maintenenace is the new name of the game!

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