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More Goodness for growing beds

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It looks at last as if winter is finally on its way out and with the start of a rather delayed growing season those lovely people from TEG, with the able assistance of Jack Heap the farmer, have provided some more lovely compost for growing across Todmorden.
Jenny watches over magic muck delivery

Some of the compost will be used by the folk who grow vegetables to share with the people in Ferney Lee Old Peoples Home and to stock the town centre beds,

job done lovely pile of compost delivered
some will be used to fill growing beds at Ferney Lee School and some will be used for raised beds across the town.

It will be a big job to shift it all with wheelbarrows and shovels so even if the sun does not shine our wonderful volunteers will be keeping warm and having some healthy exercise.

Our thanks to TEG for the compost, to Jack for transporting it,
Farmer Heap bringing TEG compost

and to all who distribute it to where it is needed; thanks also to all those who recycle their kitchen waste. The start of a circular story which means that old potato peels and egg shells end up growing more healthy food for us all to enjoy. A great lesson for our children to learn.

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