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Chatting in Mary’s magic garden.

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I saw Mary as I was passing today, so went for a chat.

lots of interesting things. First the new wall baskets being planted with more exotic things like chilli peppers. Some baskets are planted with tomatoes, when you don’t have room to spread sideways go upwards. There is always a way around not having any growing space.

Next Mary drew my attention to a very large very healthy aubergine plant in pride of place in the sharing garden.

The aubergine was a gift from Ali grown from seed especially for Mary’s garden. See how friendship grows along with the veggies.

While we were chatting another guy came along and said he had picked some brassica leaves from the garden earlier in the week and they were delicious. Well we had to have a good old chat didn’t we?

We now have another new friend Steve, who wants to be in on the incredible thing, Steve is a stonemason and can carve stone and cut beautiful script and designs into slabs of stone, or stones in walls, so the cogs start turning ? maybe ‘incredible’ immortalised in Yorkshire stone

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