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Muck and Magic for Todmorden

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The muck came from lots of bags of kitchen waste collected from people in Calderdale each week and mixed with green waste to create lovely rich compost by the clever people at TEG.
inside TEG's NOFCO (Natural Organic Fertiliser Plant)

The magic came from the incredible number of people who worked together to make it happen. Firstly there is Amy from TEG not only supplied the compost to us free of charge but also persuaded one of their hauliers to bring a load to the depot on the Bacup Road.
outside TEG's NOFCO (Natural Organic Fertiliser Plant)
Then she got Jack the farmer with his lovely red tractor and trailer to bring the compost to the community college.

At the College community worker Kirsten got permission from Dave the caretaker to cone off space for the compost.

Finally there was an incredible team of volunteers from the Town Centre Growing group

who shovelled and barrowed the compost to top up beds outside the college and the police station.

What a wonderful team, and what a great story, food waste from Todmorden composted by TEG returning to Todmorden to help next year’s vegetables grow for towns people to eat.

So finally thank-you to you, if you are one of the people who bag up your kitchen waste and put it out each week, keep up the good work!

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