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Mysterious visitors

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Taking the IET tour

Around the town over the past week I have seen people walking along peering around and looking at a clutched piece of paper. I asked Mary about this and she said that she had notice the same looking down from her hillside side garden, something must be going on, but what?
Eventually I saw a couple looking at the herb garden and started a conversation, explaining that they could pick any herbs they fancied, and asked what the paper was.
It transpired that they weren’t from Tod, they had read about IET in the paper and wanting to know more they had looked at the website, found the map, printed a copy and came to Tod to see for themselves. They liked what they saw and said some very nice things about the town.
Today I went to take some new photos and met two more looking at Mary’s sharing garden.

A garden to share

The planting in the sharing garden is being studied very closely

Things grow very, very  slowly

We are actually bringing visitors into town which is good for local business

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