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New year- new hope.

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Forget the fears don’t feed them.
Last year was weird, this year might be weirder?
So much we don’t know, so much we will never know.
Our team is full of hope because hope is like lighter fuel, we need to light little fires in the darkness.
We have had our first meeting of the year, we looked back at our highlights and noted the grey bits,
flip charts
the good stuff filled 2 pages and the grey 4 lines.
We are proud of our work, our persistence, and our kindness.
Last year the universe presented us with several opportunities to flex our kindness muscles, from floods to clothes for Aleppo,
collection of tings needed to go to the people of Aleppo
we loved it and hope to be challenged again.
We have won accolades for the town, we are proud to be able to do our bit, and prouder still to be allowed to represent the town.
Without the goodwill of Tod folks nothing would be possible, it’s a wonderful feeling to know we have the support of local folk.
Many times we are asked how many volunteers do you have, here is the truth, enough to do what we do, not enough to do more.
We would love a newsletter writer
Worm trainers
Tweeters and bloggers
More cooks and bottle washers.
Tour guides
Glove monitor
Litter pickers
Dream catchers
Folk come and go. Get jobs, babies and distracted.
That doesn’t bother us we keep on fueling little flames striking lights in the dark.
If you are up for helping give us a ring, let’s have a coffee and take it from there.
It’s a New year, be brave, be lovely, be kind.

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