No worms in these books

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Just apples and bees

Today saw too incredible events at Todmorden Library first was the launch of the incredible story book. A copy of the book, which is written byTom Palmer and illustrated by Juliet Breese is about an apple a child and a granddad will be given to every child at upper Calder Valley schools thanks to funding from the Community Foundation for Calderdale.

Tom read the story to the Children of Ferney Lee in the library but they will all have a copy to read themselves at home just like Ira

see more here in Todmorden News

The second launch

Was the £500 worth of bee books that is the Culmination of of the Bee Spoke campaign funded by the National Lottery Jubilee Peoples Millions. These will be available for everyone to read or borrow from the library

Helmut from the community bee keeping group Bee Friendly

came along with ancient and modern bee hive styles, all helping educate young and old of the importance of helping bees so get yourself along to the library and but a buzz from a good book

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