Our Damp but Undaunted Heroes!

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The weather this Saturday was typical Todmorden in November. We had sun (briefly), rain (quite a lot), a bit of wind and some hail. None of this put off the group of young people from along the Calder Valley who came to work on improving the Rose Street/Pollination Street site in the centre of Todmorden.
our undaunted heroes
This sturdy gang are undertaking a National Citizen Service award under the expert leadership of the youth leaders at Mixenden Activity Centre. As part of this they will be in Todmorden for four Saturdays in November and will work to make our town centre site even better and also contribute to Kidsfest and the Lamplighter Event.

Today they really showed how amazing our young people can be;
rain or hail nothing stops incredible workers
they got drenched and frozen but still worked on.
new edging in place ready for chipped bark
They have installed a new edging to the Pollination Street Edible garden, cleared weeds and fallen leaves from the site, and removed dead trees from the garden.
rubbish bagged and readt to go
They used the dead tree trunks to support the edging, instant recycling!
shelter from the storm
Over the next weeks they plan to top up and repaint the large planter boxes and create a wonderful mural on the long fence at the side of the site. They will work with Taz, a local artist, on this part of the project. If you are in the centre of Todmorden on these Saturdays do come and see what they are doing and give them a cheer. You might also cross your fingers for some dry weather for them!

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