Our incredible annual open meeting 2016

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Snow, rain, cold and a flood alert didn’t stop our annual open meeting from going ahead as planned.
Todmorden Town Mayor Councillor Tony Greenwood did us proud in his chain and mayoral hat, what a star braving the elements to be with us.
Todmorden Town Mayor Tony Greenwood
Tony said wonderful things about our town, about community and about coming together in adversity.
it was a masterpiece of a speech, sensitive, funny and full of truth, there was even an interactive quiz, I am happy to report we the audience got all the questions right in spite of a lot of us getting the giggles.

Then IET chair Mary Clear talked about what we had achieved throughout the year telling us how it began very wet, but that the floods gave us an opportunity to join in with others and help the wider community.

Incredibles could be seen cooking, shopping, helping rip up carpets and empty equipment from cellars, fetching and carrying, washing clothes and generally helping townsfolk wherever we could.

A few days later we met with Jon Stopp from the Canal and River Trust (CRT), together we committed to helping as much as we could the fixing up of our devastated towpath. We can proudly say our section of the canal is now open again.

We ran brew kitchens in wild weathers and mild weather, we shifted muck and stones. It’s been great to work with CRT, and wonderful to see the cut open for business and our canalside gardens flourishing.
you can find her full annual report here

Jon Stop of the Canal and Rivers Trust talked to us about the work they were doing as well as the work we did and are continuing to do together
Canal & Rivers Trust volunteer Jon Stop
You can see their most recent work putting in a rope hand rail in the horse tunnel here

Lindsay read out the Poem written for us by the Bard of Barnsley Ian McMillan for getting into the top three in the Academy of Urbanism greatest town award.

This is a border town in a Northern Valley
And it faces both ways: Lancs and Yorks
But to understand Todmorden fully
Bring your knives and bring your forks
Bring your plates and an open mind.
This is a border town on the cusp of change
A bespoke and unique one-of-a-kind;
Think canalside milltown then rearrange
Your expectations into this:
A border town that knows no bounds
That fills me with Todmorden bliss
Reduces me to Mmmm-ing sounds
As though the whole of Tod is edible;
Chew it slowly. The taste’s incredible

More about that in Lindsay’a great blog Todmorden a great town

Our treasurer Jude Cohen brought us up to date with the years finances, it feels really good to be in the black and comfortably have what we need to keep our work going. it was good to be reminded of the great things we were able to share with others through the legacy of our dear departed comrade Richard the Fork. More about the finances can be found here

A lovely photo to finish the blog is our great helpers Adan and Stephen with Mayor Tony
Adam, town Mayor Tony Greenwood and Stephen
What a grand do it was.

PS, Mary and myself both stood down and were unanimously reelected to our rolls so you have to put up with us for a bit longer

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