Out of my comfort zone and into a pinny

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What had I let myself in for, you dear reader know I usually do the website, media, comms, tours the ocasional bit of weeding and all sorts but never, ever food.
Domestic goddess I most certainly am not.
So why did I agree to help in the cafe at International Womens day? don’t worry I wasn’t attempting to cook, all the amazing food was made by members of the “3 Valley Vegans group” and it was the tastiest you could imagine.
Estelle and Mary ready to serve food at IWD
I was just helping to serve with Mary Sue and another lovely lady.
incredibly busy eatery at IWD
I do have a confession to make though ladies, I know I told you all that just for IWD all the cakes were calorie free, well I’m really sorry that wasn’t actually true!

There were very talented women singing and reading poetry entertaining the diners
music to munch by at IWD
it was all just incredible.

I did take a few minutes to run upstairs and see what was happening, the ballroom was full of stalls and IET had one with Penny and Penny talking about all thingd incredible and edible.
incredibles Joy, Pam, Penny and Penny at IWD
as well as an incredible farm stall manned or rather womanned by Helena
incredible farm stall at IWD.
The whole room was full of entrepreneurial women from all walks of life.

The day was made possible by our oh so hard working Mayor and Mayoress Jayne and Michaela Booth seen here with a whole clutch of lady Mayors,
Mayors, Mayors and more Mayors at IWD
Huge thank you to them and the steering group that helped organise the day.
This may be the first and last time I am seen in an apron but I am so please I did it, I went home very tired but very, very happy

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