Oxford Market Munching

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I lived in Oxford for 12 years and defected to Todmorden in 1996,

When I left Oxford there were no farmers’ markets and no community growing progects, just a town full of dreamers, I thought,

I couldn’t resist a walk up Castle Mount, when I lived here the castle was Oxford gaol, now it’s a tourist attraction, Nuffield college, built with the Morris cars’ millions, is behind me.
Nuffield and Nik

Now, this city of around 150k people has no less than 6 farmers markets each week!

I took the opportunity to visit one after the Real Farming Conference, with my friend Sue P, on Saturday morning.

East Oxford farmers market was behind Tesco, in a primary school,
east ox farmers market The market was buzzing, Sue said it was usually much busier, but after shopping, eating brunch and a great chat with Justin from Cultivate, who just happened to be there, coz you do, we left and most everyone seemed to be pretty much sold out.

The cheese man was very keen to tell us what ‘crobe had made the particular cheeses, a treat to a time expired microbiologist like myself, and i doff my socks to you Penicillium Candidum!
oxford cheeseman
The bread lady entered a debate about Bagel vs Beigel with commitment and enthusiasm, and the cake man was happy for me to completely lose my mind and buy two planet-sized buns where one would have been more than adequate.

Prices were reasonable, this is Oxford after all, and the atmosphere was cozy and fun,
oxford veg stall
One wag in the canteen entertained all with a selection of moustaches none of which suited him, and Sue’s friend told us about his PhD thesis and how only 3 people in the world were ever likely to read it, and one of them was him, and how he just loves working in the People’s Supermarket.
peoples supermarket oxford
I just had to go look, and two chats, a few photos and an eyeful of a happy well-stocked and busy shop later, we walked home.

Oxford is a much changed place, a place where ideas are being persued and nailed down.

Well done those steaming Mires!

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