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Parsley's 15 minutes of fame

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Well you know its growing season again when you get a last minute request from a France 2 TV crew to come and film again in Tod. They were here 2 years ago but their editor was insistent that they took time out from their filming of the Tour and Glastonbury to catch up with us.Those who have helped film crews in the past will know that a 2 minute feature in their main news programme in front of 5 million viewers would require 2 days of filming!
Of course they wanted to see some planting and some harvesting but a quiet Wednesday morning wouldn’t cut it.
But we know that when you’re Incredible Edible, incredible things just happen. Nick from Mellings butchers in the market hall had been telling Estelle that he had run out of parsley when making his sausages and had gone out to Pollination Street to pick some – and lo, no parsley! So Jenny went off to Riggs that morning to buy some parsley plants to put in the tubs outside the market hall. Of course Riggs hadn’t got any parsley but, ever resourceful, Jenny raided Mary’s window boxes and magically was planting them up when the film crew arrived.
Parsley by the market hall
They just loved the story and insisted on filming the sausages
Keith with Mellings world famous sausages
and Nick was on hand and on message to say to them “Incredible”!

A final stop at the Hippodrome beds – and yes, the French understood the “to be or not to bee” pun – allowed us to illustrate the success of Incredible Edible in encouraging local tradespeople to plant their own beds by stopping at Physio & Therapies to admire their growing bed.
Lynne and Richard's food to share bed
And just when the crew were becoming quite boring about the lack of planters or pickers, guess what – Lynne Midwinter was on hand not only to be filmed tending her beans but also to chat to them in French.


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