Permaculture Pocket Rocket Keeps the Pozzy department Warm!!

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In winter, an old geezer’s mind turns to keeping warm; we have a lovely big stove at Incredible Farm which we made last autumn, great for burning girt big bits of pallet wood, but it is a greedy monster. Here it is being fired up for the first time
oildrum stove being fired up for the first time

Rocket mass stoves are one of those inventions, too simple for their own good! They are super-efficient and elegantly simple. Efficient means you get ALL the heat out of the wood, rather than letting most of the unburnt gasses escape up a chimney. And because they have an internal insulated red hot “rocket” chimney that provides the draw as well as burning those gasses, the exhaust can go out horizontally. Cover with soil, clay, rocks (mass) you have a lovely heat store cozy bum warmer! Nobody has bothered to market them to the masses, outside permaculture circles they are almost unknown. rocket stove how it works Consequently, if you want one, forget a trip to B&Q. Instead it’s either a build in bricks/ tiles etc or a welder/plasma cutter/rolling machine job. It just so happens we have one of them, all of them, plus a willing pile of scrap, so we have built one out of old socks, a pint of double cream and two Twix wrappers, see how Here

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