Pi Studio Visits Todmorden

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From Rebecca, Tom and Liam

“We arrived in Todmorden late on Friday night to be greeted by Fred, a delicious quiche and a bottle of red wine; this was just the beginning of the hospitality that we were to receive all weekend. The Pi Studio, a design research studio housed at Goldsmiths College, University of London, has been involved with Incredible Edible Todmorden for the past year. Our initial engagement has been to explore ways in which the Green Route can develop the town’s economy. Over the past year we have become more involved in Incredible Edible as the project has become a fantastic learning opportunity for us and a way that we can contribute our design skills (when they’re required) to a worthwhile endeavour.
Saturday began at Mary and Fred’s with a breakfast of bread pudding,

croissants and coffee on a beautiful array of mismatched plates. We met Pam in the Bear Cafe and had the chance to buy some of the local Todmorden soap.

Then it was off to walk the green-route giving Bec (a newcomer to the Pi Studio and Todmorden) the opportunity to see Incredible Edible in action

and Tom and Liam a chance to see any changes that needed to be made to the map of the Green-Route before its launch later in the year. Along the way we bumped in to Fred, Weston, Alison and Barney dismantling and moving some of the canal beds in preparation for exciting new additions to the edge of the canal.

It was brilliant to see everyone getting stuck in. We had an exciting conversation with Jenny and Joy about designing a set of signs that will keep people informed about what’s growing in specific beds around Todmorden, when they’re sown, when they’re growing and when they can be eaten. Then it was back for a lunch of hearty soup followed by bread with delicious Todmorden Honey.

We tore ourselves away from the honey and did another lap of the Green-Route to review exactly what we needed to do and check sizes for signs

and then collapsed into the comfy chairs at the Bramsche to reflect on what we’d seen and the projects we’d been given over a beer. Mary and Fred cooked a brilliant dinner for us, Pam, Sally and Jane which we shared around their big dining table, talking long into the night.
Sunday involved brunch (or perhaps a second breakfast?) at the Bear and discussions about upcoming IET events as well as the potential to begin gathering more information about the skills, tools and materials that exist within Todmorden to make sure that all future IET projects can be as beneficial to the town and involve as many local people/businesses as possible. In the afternoon it was back to London on the train, excited about all the things we had seen and learned (and a little bit sleepy too).
We are all extremely grateful to have the ongoing opportunity to learn from and work with the inspirational Incredible Edible Todmorden team and hope to be visiting Todmorden again soon.”

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