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Pictures from Edible Westmount Montreal

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Herbs galore in Westmount it’s Incredible

Only a few weeks ago we were sent a cutting from Westmont Independant telling us that Incredible Edible herbs were going to be planted in the streets read about it here
Well just this evening I was sent an update. Marci in beige standing behind Jayme in yellow wrote……
“Here are a couple of pictures of the first edible planters to go in at the end of Prince Albert. There is radiccio, peppers, lettuce, parsley, thyme, nasturtiums, sunflowers, lemon sage, melon sage, an interesting oregano, pansies, purple basil, lavendar and chives. Pas des patates, mais bon appetite!

As noted previously, we are asking people to crop a max of 10% of any one thing (and to wait a couple of weeks to they can get good and firmly rooted!). Hopefully next year we can plant enough to get people thinking more seriously about having more of their food growing down the street.”

The herbs look Incredible as does Westmount. It’s just great to see other towns with people like Marci and Jayme and Virginnia of the In Bloom group working toward a kinder safer more sustainable community and a better life for future generations to build on.

You guys in Westmount are sure fast workers, brilliant job

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