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Planning for Growing in 2015

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While Todmorden is shivering with snow and frost, plans are well underway for what we hope to grow in 2015. Like everything else planned by mice and men plans of growers do go ‘oft agley’, but we are always optimistic that the weather will be kind to us and that all our seeds will germinate.

The main growing beds for vegetables in the town are those outside the community college, the police station
plans for police station and college
and in the station car park.
Railway station car park plan
When we plan for what to grow we think about several things, what we grew there last year – a crop rotation helps to ensure that plants have the best chance to get the goodness they need to grow from the soil, each sort of crop takes different things, and prevents pests and diseases from building up. We also consider what sort of vegetables are good for people to crop and also which ones are good looking or ‘photogenic’ for Todmordians and our many visitors.

Next month we will start sowing seeds for next year in the polytunnel at the Agua-garden, and then the little plants will be cosseted and slowly hardened off until they can be planted out in the beds. The tasks outside at this time of year are to top up the beds with compost and well-rotted manure to give the plants the best possible start. This may not look so attractive but it is a really essential part of growing and helping the beds to look and produce at their best.

The other IET sites around the town will also need attention as the year progresses. The Apothecary Garden team have plans which include work on the path ways, improved signage and maintenance and care of the many plants. The rest of the Health Centre will also need attention. Pollination street herbs and fruit are now becoming well established so pruning and managing the fruit trees and bushes and making sure the herbs live together without any of the more vigorous ones taking over will be the focus of the work. The tow path, theatre beds, station platform beds, the job centre and the Burnley Road Herb garden will all need their share of attention.
A busy year ahead!

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